Kayle Miller Photography


My name is Kayle (pronounced Kyle) I am the owner/photographer.

I got involved with photography in 1994 when I bought my first Canon AE-1, I started just photographing pretty much anything, then got my first pseudo-freelance job doing horse shows. In 2005 I migrated to a Canon Digital Rebel. I did a wedding for a friend shortly after, then in 2007 to a Canon 30D and now a Canon 50D. Since those early days I have had the privilege of photographing several weddings, church events, football games, and now a preliminary pageant for the Miss Virginia Pageant; The Miss Greater Richmond.

Endzone Photography was born in 2009 as a result of Photographing the Manchester Lancer Football games..

I am also a recent Graduate of the New York Institute of Photography

So please take a look around and check out the pictures.